Setting up Embetty

Software Embetty

How to get it

If you want to use Embetty with your website you will need the Embetty server that we provide for you. Next you need to make the embetty.js file available on your site. You can get the latest release fom this source.

How to use it

with Drupal

In Drupal 7 and 8 sites, the embetty module can be installed. The required library is also already included there, but the embetty.js file needs to be replaced with the one from this source. After configuring the embetty server under admin/config/services/embetty, the following code can be entered into any content type of a Drupal page:

<embetty-tweet status="950371792874557440"></embetty-tweet>

The tweet ID can be found on your own Twitter page and can be copied with “Copy Link to Tweet”.

with any other CMS

Please read here how to include embetty.js on your site.

More details about embedding videos can be found on the developers’ pages.