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book of servus

book of servus is the ultimate online guide and documentation of the toolbox that servus offers to its members. The servus toolbox is a set of trusted communication tools and software for collaborative work based on free open source software: programs, that were mostly created by others, but are run by us.

In this way we provide you with technical tools that respect and support your privacy, data sovereignty and security.

Within the book of servus you will be able to find all the technical aid you seek to troubleshoot common issues as well as background information on why you should consider using them.

Our Approach

We do not violate your privacy. Your data, files, contacts or calendars are none of our business.

We do not analyze any content. Not for product improvement, marketing purposes or otherwise.

We do not pass on any data to third parties.

You will not receive commercial advertising from us or third parties.

We are easily accessible and answer your questions personally.

We and our servers are located at Kirchengasse 4 in Linz, Austria.

How can I use these tools?

These tools are available to you when you become a member of the association.

To become a member, currently, you have to apply for a membership via our membership form that is available through our organization’s website.

Among our members are art and culture creators, alternative educational institutions, free radios, free media projects, university institutions, NGOs and others.