Online Real-Time Editors

Software CryptPad Ethercalc Etherpad

Write and collaborate on documents like text files, tables and presentations with many people without the need of logging in.

For the short-term storage of online documents, we provide online real-time editors with different security measures.


Attention: All documents will be destroyed from the database after 90 days of inactivity. If you need long time storage, please use our cloud instead.

Etherpad & Ethercalc

Etherpad is a relatively simple online text editor and Ethercalc is an online spreadsheet tool that allows you to work together on a table structured document.


CryptPad is a set of office and cloud tools that is “private-by-design”.

If you need more security than what is offered by Etherpad and Ethercalc, but you still want to collaborate on online documents with others, Cryptpad might suit you well.

You can use it for collaborating on CODE, TEXT, PRESENTATIONS, TO DO LISTS, SIMPLE POLLS and SPREADSHEETS in an encrypted environment.

CryptPad encrypts the changes to your pads (online documents) before sending that information to be stored on the server, so we can’t read what you’re typing.