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Servus cloud is a content collaboration platform. The cloud service that we offer uses the open source software Nextcloud.

Nextcloud is a free and open source alternative to cloud storage and synchronization software such as Dropbox and Google Drive, but with an emphasis on data protection, privacy and security.

In addition to personal file hosting, you can share data, calendars, contacts with other users.

The Nextcloud groupware, Nextcloud Hub, is available on our instance and offers features for collaborative working. All of the tools offered within the groupware have the sharing feature enabled within teams on our cloud to optimize collaboration.

You can collaboratively edit and share documents, communicate via text or voice chat, create work groups, make use of basic forms, track your time and manage tasks in kanban style to organize your workload. Files can also be made public and shared with people outside the community.

The Servus Approach

servus tries to offer a fair, ethical and coherent cloud service to all its members with good usability within the capabilities of its datacenter. Therefore we do not prioritize the industry standard of seemingly endless resources, such as unlimited space or expandability.

Rather we urge our members to be aware that technology comes with limits, and resources aren’t endless nor ever offered for free. As a principle: if something is free (or unrealistically cheap), you are the product.

  • We put quality before quantity within ethical boundaries.
  • We do not violate your privacy. Your data; files, contacts or calendars are none of our business.
  • We do not analyze any content. Not for product improvement, marketing purposes or otherwise.
  • We keep it local. The cloud server is hosted within our data center at Kirchengasse 4 in Linz, Austria.
  • The use of servus cloud is of course in compliance with the GDPR. If you wish, we can also provide you with a corresponding template for the data processing agreement.

Every servus member receives an account with 10GB storage in our instance of Nextcloud suite.

The following apps are enabled within the servus cloud to help you work collaboratively and store data without having to worry about your privacy being violated:


Setting up servus cloud

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Here you will find some useful tips and links that will help you with extending your use of servus cloud. Read more about how to use the desktop client, mobile apps, etc.

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