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Sending out regular newsletters is especially important for cultural associations and artists to promote their programmes.

Since there was no other service available in the past with servus, many of our members have started using mailing lists for sending out newsletters.

Now almost all of them want to use more up-to-date features, that cannot be met by mailing lists but need proper newsletter software.

The Servus Approach

In advance we also announced that Mailtrain provides click stats (“sent”, “opened”, “clicked”).
Since we think that it is a bit too much information if the sender of the newsletter sees when someone clicked on which link of the newsletter, we have deactivated these details in our version.
It will only be generally visible how many recipients, but not which ones, have opened a mail.

For sending HTML newsletters we have put Mailtrain into operation.

With Mailtrain you can:


Learn how to comfigure your newly created Mailtrain instance to be ready to send your HTML newsletters.

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