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Basic settings for sending newsletters using Mailtrain

Software Mailtrain

Here we show you which basic settings you have to set for sending mails and we give you a short overview of the most important additional functions.

To tell Mailtrain how to send out e-mails you need to provide basic information about your mailserver. All information you need to provide should be in your hands already, if you ordered a Mailtrain instance from servus.

If you would like to change the user email address and/or password please do so here: (where should be replaced with the actual domain under which your Mailtrain was set up).

Please also make sure to update Allgemeine Einstellungen, Kampagnenvorgaben and Mailer-Einstellungen with the correct information here:

Settings page for Allgemeine Einstellungen, Kampagnenvorgaben and Mailer-Einstellungen

Section “Allgemeine Einstellungen”

Section “Kampagnenvorgaben”

Please add a Standard "von" E-Mail-Adresse – the e-mail address that should be the sender of the e-mail (can be changed later on each campaign)

The following are optional:

Section “Mailer-Einstellungen”

Optionally you can now add your private GPG key. Users with deposited GPG key receive encrypted messages and if you have also set the signing key here, the messages are signed with this key.
If you do not provide a key here, the mails will still be sncrypted, but not signed.

As is already stated: Do not use sensitive keys here. The private key is not encrypted in the database.

That’s it, now you can start creating lists of newsletter subscribers.