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E-mail remains an important key service in our day to day lives. For this reason, we still operate our own e-mail servers in the servus data center.

Don’t forget to encrypt your communication with OpenPGP.

The Servus Approach

  • As an organization you can get as many e-mail accounts as you need.
  • You can choose if you prefer to organize your email communication via the servus cloud, one of our webmail suites or an e-mail client of your choice.
  • With the access to a servus mailbox you can also use our cloud suite.


Setting up servus cloud

Softwares Nextcloud

Here you will find some useful tips and links that will help you with extending your use of servus cloud. Read more about how to use the desktop client, mobile apps, etc.

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Integrate online calendars with Thunderbird

Softwares Horde Nextcloud Thunderbird

Integrate your webmail into the servus cloud

Softwares Horde Nextcloud Roundcube

Here we describe the basics for list management and give an overview of the most important initial settings for your mailing list.

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Learn how to comfigure your newly created Mailtrain instance to be ready to send your HTML newsletters.

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