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E-mail remains an important key service. Although it’s a relatively old service, communication via e-mail remains relevant in our view.

For this reason, we still operate our own e-mail server in the computer centre in the municipal utility. Owning a servus e-mail address is a valuable resource, which is characterized by the following:


  • No advertising: We will inform you by e-mail about important changes in the system. You will not receive commercial advertising from us or third parties.
  • No content analysis: Your e-mails are none of our business. We do not analyze their content.
  • No publication: We do not pass on any data to third parties.

How to get it

With a servus membership you will receive an e-mail box and any number of e-mail aliases. The servus Mini Membership was created especially for users who want to support us but only use our resources to a very limited extent. With the Mini Membership you can get a mailbox ( and 5 aliases ( of your choice. Monthly costs: 2,50 Euro (30 Euro per year).

NOTE: With the access to a mailbox you can also use our cloud.

To become a member, currently, you have to apply for a membership via our membership form that you can find on our organisation’s website.

Order an e-mail account

Before you go to the order form you should be aware of the following:

From servus you will receive a secure password for your mail access. If you lost your password you can request a new one. Please call us ( contact details) or send us a message via

How to set it up and use it

There are several ways you can check your mails with us. Via a program (client) or via the browser (webmail).

Configure the e-mail client

Use webmail in your browser

servus webmail is especially practical when traveling. However, we recommend to use a local e-mail program with IMAP settings when using your own computer. Webmail supports the retrieval of e-mails via a web browser. Therefore it is very helpful to remember the URLs for webmail.

servus provides various webmail solutions:

is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface, that is available in over 80 languages with responsive skin (multi-device support).

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is a free, browser based communication suite which offers different entry modes: Simple, Dynamic, Mobile (Smartphones, Tablets), Mobile (Minimal)

servus Cloud Mail
is a client for IMAP servers, that you can use with your servus e-mail account and that is directly integrated in your servus cloud environment. It manages multiple accounts with a single inbox and supports end-to-end encryption with OpenPGP.

Best Practice

When operating on different platforms and social networks, buying products, booking flights, organizing and rating things over the internet, our most important advices in dealing with e-mail would be:

Use disposable addresses

Use a disposable e-mail address or an e-mail alias, if there is no reason to use your real e-mail address. Use “e-mail aliases” for different services. If such an alias address is misused, it can easily be deleted.

Protect your most important e-mail address

Use your e-mail address consisting of only for communication with trusted recipients and make sure that your password complies with security standards.

Encrypt your communication with PGP


If you still know your current password and want to change it to something else, please go to and log in with your current passwort. Under “Gear” Password you can change your password.
In case you lost/forgot your password, please proceed to the following question.

The following rules apply to the new password:

  • at least 6 characters
  • at least 1 digit

IMPORTANT: You e-mail account and your servus cloud account are connected: Changing your mail password also changes your cloud password.

To being able to receive a new password in case of loss, in you can specify an e-mail address to which the new password should be sent to under “Gear” Preferences Global Preferences Account Password. Please note: The e-mail address to be configured must not be linked to the same account, otherwise the new password will not reach you.

If “Gear” Preferences Global Preferences Account Password has been configured, the password can be reset at

In case you did not specify an e-mail address in advance you need to contact us via so we can set a new password for you.

IMPORTANT: You e-mail account and your servus cloud account are connected: Changing your mail password also changes your cloud password.

If all e-mails have been deleted by mistake, a simple e-mail to is sufficient and we will restore your mail account.

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