How to switch from a mailing list to Mailtrain

Software Mailman Mailtrain

If you want to move all your existing newsletter subscribers from you GNU Mailman mailing list to Mailtrain please follow these steps:

Whenever we write something in UPPERCASE letters like for example PASSWORD or USERNAME it is just a placeholder for your actual password or username. So instead of one might actually write or whatever the name of your list is.

  1. Send a blank e-mail with the subject ‘who PASSWORD’ (without the quotes; replace the word PASSWORD with your actual list administration password) to the address (replace the word LISTNAME with your actual list name).
  2. You will retrieve an e-mail reply with all members that subscribed to your list.
  3. Copy the whole e-mail content.
  4. Open a spreadsheet (e.g. with LibreOffice Calc) and paste the content using the shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+V or Edit Paste Special… as unformatted text.
  5. As seperator option select Other and input ( in the text field next to it. Klick OK.
  6. Delete the leading eight lines and the trailing two lines that hold additional text from the e-mail command:
  7. Use Edit Find & Replace to replace the trailing ) in the column containing the names.
  8. Use Edit Find & Replace to replace the leading eight empty spaces in the column containing the e-mail addresses.
  9. First name and last name are still in the same column. You can split it by selecting the column and select Data Text to columns. You will see the same dialog as you already used before. Select seperated by Space.
  10. Add a heading line to the document with column names like ’email’, ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ (you will need this for importing).
  11. Save as .csv file.
  12. Head back to your Mailtrain installation and import the .csv file via Abonnenten importieren