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“Free” web community online services, such as Tumblr, hosting a blog at WordPress.com, and others are widely used today. They are usually easy to use and promise a high degree of visibility. The users do not have to worry about updates or security holes. Admittedly a big advantage.

However, if metadata of content is used for other purposes and user data is passed on to third parties, a tolerance limit is reached for many.

If you like to take things in your own hands you can get as much space as you really need on one of our own web servers.


As a servus member you have unlimited webspace at your disposal on which you can basically install whatever you want. You are responsible for keeping your system up to date and for ensuring that there are no security risks. We are also happy to share our experience about systems that we prefer.

  • In order to reach your website via our servers you need a domain, i.e., an address which you call up via your browser. You can simply order the domain through us and we will take all the necessary steps.
  • Install, try out, design and administer various content management systems, or even use a preinstalled CMS like WordPress or Drupal.


Web Space

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