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Start microblogging with Mastodon

If you want to start using a decentralized microblogging service to connect to other people in the Fediverse you can do so now.

Read more about how to get and use our instance of Mastodon.

How to get it

Every member has a chance to enter the Fediverse via the Mastodon instance that we are hosting over at our data center.

To order an account use the order form.

General Info

Mastodon is a free, decentralized alternative to the microblogging service Twitter. In other words, anyone can set up a server with a Mastodon instance and connect to the other instances – that’s the Fediverse.

So for servus members there is now this instance, where every member can register.

You can read more about these kinds of federations/networks in an article we wrote for the Versorgerin:

Tips/Best Practice

Once you created a Mastodon account a handy application can check all your Twitter contacts and see if there are already Mastodon accounts for them. That way you can then easily import an initial contacts list based on your Twitter account.

You can start “Tooting” now, which means per post (called “Toot” within Mastodon) you have 500 characters of space for the text and the possibility to add images.

In addition, there are some interesting settings for these Toots. For example, each Toot can be:

And you can also hide the content of your toot behind “content warnings”.

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