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Here you will find an introduction on how to manage rooms, access recordings and organize BBB meetings via the interface within Nextcloud.

How to set it up

To start using BigBlueButton, you can simply go to the BigBlueButton app after logging in to the servus cloud.

The BBB integration app is accessible via the top menu in Nextcloud.

Configure rooms

Start by typing the desired room name and click the Create button.

Currently up to 3 rooms are allowed per user, with a maximum of 20 participants for meetings. This is to allow the server not be overloaded by big meetings, while simultaneously allowing many members to use it.

From the room list you are able to change the following:

To further configure your room, you can click the Edit button on the rightmost end of the row.

Once the room is created, you are able to configure it to your needs.

Here you can:

You can scroll down within this editing window to access all available settings.
You may also copy the URL of your room by clicking the Copy to clipboard button on the leftmost end of the row in order to share it with others.

Start meeting

You can then start the meeting by clicking the Open room button on the leftmost end of the row.

This will take you to a new tab where you will be forwarded to the BBB room in a few seconds.

Depending on the access limitations you’ve set for your room, other users who access your room via the link you have shared will either have to provide the set password or login to the servus cloud if you limit access to internal only.

Manage recordings

Once you have recorded a meeting via the interface you can access and manage them via the same interface that you administer your rooms.

To manage your recordings you can click the small triangular expand button next to the number of your recordings.

Here you can:

Once you are in the playback interface you may re-watch the recording via the interface, or download the recording via the download button on the top left marked as a camera icon.

IMPORTANT: All recordings will be kept for 30 days, and will be automatically deleted afterwards.
So make sure to download them in a timely manner after you have finished recording!

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